Jay F Nunamaker Jr

Dr Nunamaker’s research into decision centers and group systems is the basis of ThinkTank.

Dr. Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr. is Regents and Soldwedel Professor of MIS, Computer Science and Communication. He is also the Director of the Center for the Management of Information and the National Center for Border Security and Immigration at the University of Arizona. Under his leadership for twenty years, the department has become known for its expertise in collaboration technology and the technical aspects of MIS.

Dr. Nunamaker was inducted into the Design Science Hall of Fame, May 2008 and received the LEO Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Association of Information Systems (AIS) in Barcelona, Spain, December 2002. He was elected a fellow of the AIS in 2000 and featured in the July 1997 Forbes magazine issue on technology as one of eight key innovators in information technology.

Dr. Jay Nunamaker’s research has led to major breakthroughs in collaboration and decision support systems, including ThinkTank, the commercial product originally developed by GroupSystems software, based upon Nunamaker’s research. ThinkTank is often referred to as the gold standard for structured collaboration systems.

“ThinkTank incorporates the lessons learned from over twenty years of intensive research in the areas of business process management, electronic decision support, and online collaboration. Having worked in this field since its inception, I can say that ThinkTank, provides the full range of parallel, anonymous, and collaborative group communication tools that enable people to effectively and efficiently address complex problems. Whether you’re involved in making major strategic decisions, monitoring the progress of an important initiative, or even working through the requirements of a complicated technical project, ThinkTank makes it possible to get the work done in less time with more “buy in” and ensures that you’ve gotten the best thinking out of your people.”