Our leaders


Our leadership team is 231 years old, and has 15 children.

We’ve lived in eight countries and 27 cities.

We’ve attended nine universities, and received majors in accounting, communication, music composition, business, mathematics, social science, computer science and theater.

We’ve earned our spurs in 14 different industries, including software-as-a-service, management consulting, energy, aerospace and professional services. We’ve also started 19 companies, 15 of which we successfully sold.

Additionally our Collective has a passion for fitness, food, juggling, poetry, reading, scuba, teaching skiing, and surfing. And we love our music so much, we make it with two vocal cords, 240 strings, a saxophone, and pair of spoons. Plus a wonderful object called a cajón.

We’re a collegial bunch with a shared passion for purpose, and we look forward to sharing it with you!