Our Manifesto


The ThinkTank manifesto is the driver behind the accomplishments of the ThinkTank community. It’s why our people work for us. It guides what we build and how we build it. It forms the set of shared values we have with our clients and our partners. Together, these statements represent the principles we fight for and the impact we strive to achieve. We hope by sharing these it will help you consider whether you’d like to join us in our quest.

All ideas are created equal. Like letters, they should be judged on their contents, not the characteristics of the envelope or delivery person.

People make better decisions when they judge ideas on their merits. We help teams separate ideas from egos, create a deep and common understanding, and build lasting solutions on a platform of honesty and openness.

The best outcomes arise when people participate without fear and listen without prejudice.

Many people instinctively censor themselves, filtering those contributions which might challenge convention or power, go against the majority, or seem insignificant. As a result, most decisions in organizations are based on incomplete, inaccurate, or politically biased information.

We provide the world with solutions that encourage self-actualization so that leaders may learn what their stakeholders really think, and participants experience the rewards of meaningful engagement.

The most inclusive culture wins. Engaging all stakeholders in an open process enhances outcomes and leads to better execution.

In the past, cost, time zones, and logistics kept leaders from including significant numbers of people in a process.

Our technology enables the efficient, cost-effective engagement of large numbers of people. Using ThinkTank, leaders engage broad stakeholders deeply in the challenges of the organization resulting in enhanced innovation, execution, and loyalty.

Every person should have the opportunity to contribute their highest value every day. Our lives are precious, and our minds are full of potential. At any given moment the odds are that the breakthrough idea is in the room, not at the front of it.

For a team to be paid to sit through slides or calls for more than a few minutes without contributing their thoughts is morally repugnant – a tragic waste of minds, time, and opportunity.

We deliver solutions that respect and maximize the value of people’s time and ideas.

Teams collaborating on an outcome produce consistently better, faster, more efficient results when they follow a best practice. The best collaborative processes promote shared understanding, innovation, and alignment amongst stakeholders.

Our platform enables leaders to use collaborative templates like building blocks to quickly and easily bring structure to the chaos of teamwork. Our community of thought-leaders, clients, partners, and staff are building and monetizing the world’s first global repository of best practice business methods – an Alexandria for structuring human interaction.

In a rapidly changing world, organizations need leadership from everyone.

ThinkTank is dedicated to maximizing the success of all leaders, everywhere. In the case of individuals, ThinkTank helps leaders mine and align the potential of their teams in order to achieve the extraordinary. In the case of organizations, we help our clients and partners become leaders in digital workplace transformation.

Together we strive to make an impact

The outcome of our efforts is that Leaders at the world’s most influential organizations rely on ThinkTank everyday to differentiate their workplace and achieve extraordinary results from their teams.