5 Things Consultants Can Learn from Elon Musk

Elon Musk – he’s brilliant, innovative, controversial, and always in the news. The mind behind PayPal, Tesla Motors, and Solar Cities, Musk is endeavoring out of this world (he’s launching into space). Such an influential figure may seem for out to reach to even CEOs, but some of his strategies can prove helpful to multiple professionals, especially consultants. Here are some of his best tips that high-level consultants can employ:

Focus on the long-term goals. Musk is known for inspiring his team to propel their mission forward instead of dwelling on failures. When clients experience failures, which is more common than not, remind them of their long-term goals and give them that extra push to get back on track. While it is important to be detail-oriented throughout the process, don’t let small bumps (or big bumps, in the case of Musk’s failed rocket launches) distract from the greater picture.

Be efficient. Meetings at Musk’s companies are famous for being very productive. His speaking style cuts the fluff and breaks down big concepts into key, digestible facts. Foster effective communication in your meetings with clients and work to streamline dialogue throughout the entire organization.

Walk the walk. Set high expectations for your clients while keeping your own work at the highest standard. Challenging tasks are the norm among Musk’s employees, who must work hard to meet intense demands and ambitious deadlines. They know that Musk’s dedication drives him to the same standards that he requires of them. It is important that, as a consultant, you thoroughly engage with your client organizations as a committed member of the team, rather than an outsider barking orders. 

Seek criticism. Constructive criticism is a key component to growth. Your clients need to know that your criticism is not a bad reflection on their team, ideas or capabilities. Your perspective is an important one to address, and your strategies should be implemented, all without your client’s faltering pride.

Think big. Elon Musk is one of two entrepreneurs who have founded three billion-dollar companies. Success of that level is not possible without a grand vision that seems unfeasible, until it isn’t. Follow in Musk’s footsteps and encourage your clients to pitch their wildest ideas without fear of embarrassment – they could just save the world.

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Photo Cred: Dane Rude