Engage. Align. Transform.

ThinkTank is a cloud-based Stakeholder Engagement system for consultants and transformation teams to de-risk delivery and accelerate time-to-value on mission critical enterprise technology deployments or process change initiatives. Consulting, IT services and software firms rely on our platform to create deeper engagement with their clients and customers – transforming the relationship to one of true collaboration and co-creation.

Our History

Founded in 1989, ThinkTank’s origins were based upon research and studies on concepts of leadership, team dynamics, cross-enterprise collaboration and group interaction. ThinkTank has been used to assist with a host of varied and critical projects, such as governing Constitutions for several countries; NASA space programs that launch astronauts safely into space; and assisting countless global organizations with mission critical strategy planning and customer engagement.

ThinkTank Today

We leverage decades of academic research into group dynamics and collective intelligence to create unique ‘ThinkSpace’ forums and repeatable implementation templates for popular software applications and business change themes. Our solutions boost productivity and stakeholder alignment, while outsmarting destructive workplace politics and social bias – to create extraordinary and lasting outcomes.

Looking to the Future

ThinkTank’s customers and their Fortune 2000 clients have seen remarkable impacts from using ThinkTank as the ‘new normal’ for how they engage their teams and key stakeholders, including reduced project risk, amplified loyalty and trust, accelerated value generation, decreased costs and increased revenue growth.

Our Space

Our entrepreneurial culture and collaborative atmosphere make life at ThinkTank deeply rewarding and incredibly fun. We foster an environment of brainstorming, creativity and conversation.

And that’s not just talk. Enter ThinkTank’s Denver, CO headquarters, an unbelievable and amazing space that tells a tale of romance, intrigue and grand splendor during  Denver’s boom years of the transcontinental railroad, silver mines, organized crime and the dreaded ‘Red Scare.’ This historic site, constructed in 1896 as “The St. Elmo Hotel” was known as a haven for weary travelers and railroad workers, offering a welcome respite from civil strife and unrest. Today, our headquarters has become an amazing and open space specifically designed to connect our employees, partners and customers in their journey towards breakthrough ideas.