Authentic, Collaborative & Inclusive

Our entrepreneurial culture and collaborative atmosphere make life at ThinkTank deeply rewarding and incredibly fun. We wholeheartedly believe that each individual has something valuable to offer and is here to make a difference.

Our philosophy is simple: We strive to always be authentic, we value creativity and collaboration, and the team is at it’s closest and highest performing when we are open, honest and inclusive.

From snowboarders to garage bands, coffee connoisseurs to brainy book worms, ThinkTank brings together a diverse group of people whose talents and ideas make us the rock stars we are. We embrace the weekend DIYer, the gamer, the Sci-Fi buff, the mountain bike racer, the animal rescuer, the superstar parent, the lone traveler, and believe that various backgrounds and points of view make ThinkTank a killer place to work.

Wake up in the Rockies

Grab your shades – 300+ days of sunshine – more than Honolulu!

Save the Planet – bus to work, feel refreshed and have a clear conscience

Smart, talented and dynamic thinkers everywhere

A disruptive and transformational product platform

Active, healthy lifestyle

Environmentally focused

Unwind with a flight of Microbrews – 48 breweries in metro Denver