Are You up for our Challenge?

An ongoing theme in contemporary business dialogue is the value of saying no. The benefits, some claim, are plenty: less stress, improved time management, and better focus on priorities. We here at ThinkTank absolutely agree.

However, the importance of not overwhelming yourself should not be misconstrued as saying “no” to every offer that comes your way. Rather, saying “no” to meaningless tasks frees your time and energy to say YES to the amazing opportunities that await you. For the following 24 hours, we challenge you to say YES to one of each of the following:

Say YES to Forming or Strengthening a Relationship beyond the screen: We are in the age of texts, tweets, and tags, but very little communication is actually accomplished through these mediums when compared to face-to-face conversation. When you say YES to a coffee date, networking mixer, or even just a phone call, you can plant the seed and grow a new professional connection. Contacts are key to gaining traction and mobility in a competitive 21st-century market, so taking the initiative to secure yours will pay off throughout your entire career.

Say YES to an Unconventional  Learning Opportunity: Learning shouldn’t end with your diploma! Top professionals are always seeking knowledge and insight. When you say YES to curiosity, you enable yourself to develop new skills that you will take with you to any job. A learning opportunity could come in the form of a new book, a mentor, or a collaboration with a colleague. So, when Barbara from Accounting wants some help with filing paperwork, say YES and use the opportunity to pick her brain on finance.

Say YES to your Creative Side: A great idea can come at any moment, so why do we punish ourselves when our minds wander? Often, we are so caught up in our day-to-day activities that we don’t take the time to engage in deep thought – or any thought at all, if you are constantly on autopilot. Say YES to a short break and an activity that sparks imagination, like meditation or doodling. Even if you just draw a blank the first time, you will still receive the benefits of a refreshed mind that can think more creatively in the future. on’t be your own obstacle to realizing your creative potential.

Say YES to  Difficult Conversations. This is probably the most difficult aspect of our 24-hour challenge, but is nonetheless important for growth and achievement. When you say YES to constructive criticism, you gain an outside perspective on areas for improvement that your personal bias clouds. It can be disheartening to hear negative aspects of your performance, but hearing them now can prevent even more heartbreak in the future if they turn into bigger problems. A good colleague or manager will know how to give feedback in a way that is not offensive or mean. Even the best coworker’s thoughts only add up to one opinion, and sometimes sheer numbers provide the most help. Use ThinkTank and dare to say YES to new heights.