Authenticity the Rarest Gem of the Workplace

Personal branding, when done right, can be an effective tool to communicate your “mission statement” to the world. However, it can easily lead some down a path of appearing fake  and misrepresenting themselves to those around them, whether that be their friends,  or colleagues.

Authenticity is the great equalizer in the contemporary era; your colleagues can sense inauthenticity from a mile away.  While you don’t have to be an open book, you must be  honest about your strengths and weaknesses in regards to how they relate to an upcoming project. Here are just four reasons that you should keep it real at work.

People trust you. When your colleagues know that you’re a genuine person, they will seek out your feedback and trust what you have to say, knowing that you’re not just saying “yes” to make them happy. Even most managers appreciate when a team member respectfully disagrees with them. Be honest with your thoughts, as well as the perspective you take and its potential biases. It’s challenging, but far more rewarding than holding your ideas back.

You save a lot of time and energy. Keeping up a facade, even one that you’re not consciously trying to maintain, takes work! Even more time can be wasted when you are called to perform skills that you may have stretched on your resume (like needing to  google how to set up a pivot table). Now, you’re left scrambling to learn and complete the task before the deadline. People will notice and admire your focus on being the best version of you possible.

You won’t be over – or under – your head. When managers know the areas where you excel, they will set you up for success using these skills, and they will be more lenient with projects that challenge you to use your rustler skills. If you talk up everything you do, those around you will be less likely to be impressed when you point out something that you really do well.

Say what you mean. If you say you’re a team player, mean it. Insincere people will lie about being for the team, when in reality they are just really working for themselves. No matter how clever and sneaky they think that they’re acting, their true localities always get found out. When authentic people say that they support the company, they mean it, and their team trusts them to put their money where their mouth is, so to speak.