Enabling Transformational Collaboration Between Supply Chain Partners

Client: Global IT Leader

What Was Broken

A number of leading organizations in supply chain management had come together to improve best practices. But because the members of this consortium were globally dispersed, and in many cases from competing organizations, there were significant barriers to collaboration. The thought leadership the consortium needed was being hamstrung by slow communication and commercial sensitivity.

Open Innovation was broken.

Collective Intelligence

There was vast power and potential within the consortium to generate ideas, incrementally and exponentially, that could advance the efficiency and agility of all members’ businesses. The problem was fear, politics, and egos made it impossible to move from individual agendas into collective action. So the consortium deployed ThinkTank’s Collective Intelligence platform in order to overcome the obstacles to open innovation.

The Fix

The ThinkTank platform enabled people around the world to participate as though in the same room, while stripping away fear, politics and egos that had been blocking progress.

Purpose-built session agendas for discrete projects enabled working groups to accomplish transformative results in a fraction of the time. Participants valued highly the environment ThinkTank created to openly share, review and evolve ideas for improving practice and performance.


By engaging via ThinkTank, the consortium members rapidly addressed big issues that they otherwise had been unable to progress. They improved efficiency through standardized best practices, cut costs without compromising quality, resolved issues faster, accelerated time to market, exponentially increased ideation, and optimized members experience.

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