New Client Engagement Tips to Bring Your Consulting Game Out of The Jurassic Era

Summer blockbusters should be set in the Jurassic, but your client engagement strategies shouldn’t be!

So, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if you’re as effective as you could be.  If you’re not, your client engagement methods might need an upgrade.

Engaging people is the essence of the consulting business. Since the public is constantly changing, your engagement strategies need to change with them.  To help you out, we’ve listed the top client engagement tips for consultants. Rejuvenate client engagement at your firm with the tips below. Check out our client engagement tips for fresh ways to interact with clients.


Be Their Teammate

An “Us vs Them” mentality is a dormant volcano that will eventually blow up in everyone’s faces.  Think of yourself as an invited guest. You are joining their party, not vice versa. Keep an attitude of humility like you would at someone else’s dinner table.


Really Know Your Client

A consultant needs to provide an authentic relationship the client can trust. Part of that is deeply knowing your client on as many levels as you can. Find out their goals as a company and how the projects you are consulting on fit into that vision. Get to know the individuals involved in the current project as well.  This will help you get an overview of the project and the company so you can better do your job. It will also help you get into the client’s mindset so you are on the same page.


Let Them Do the Talking

To take a lesson from Justin Timberlake, keeping silent is sometimes the right way to convey your message. The best way to get to know clients is to shut up and listen. Your first consultation with your client should be to learn more than to sell.  If all you do is talk about yourself, it shows that yourself is all you are concerned about. After introductions, let them take the lead.


Communication on Their Terms

That said, make this happen the way they are comfortable with. Remember, you are there to serve their needs.  Don’t just do what’s easy for you. Make things happen according to their preferences.


Add Value

The client is asking for your help so ask questions and make suggestions.  Present alternative strategies with evidence of how you have helped others in the past.


Be Realistic

Don’t make promises you can’t keep just to look good. If a situation is less than ideal and there’s nothing you can do about it, be honest. It’s way better than failing to deliver on false promises.  Likewise, make realistic estimates. Don’t underestimate how long things will take. If things take longer than you said, you’ll look unreliable.


There is No Failure, Only Solutions

If you do “fail” in any way, it’s not actually failing. You’re a consultant; problem-solving is your job. A “failure” is just one more problem to solve.  Be objective and treat it the same way you would treat any problem they asked you to solve. Stay cool and let them know how you’re going to solve it.


Make Yourself Obsolete

A truly successful consultant is one that is no longer needed. There is no better credential you can show prospective clients than proving you provide lasting solutions.


Get More Client Engagement Tips

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