Do You Have 30 Minutes?

Let’s put it in perspective. Did you know that there are 2,400 minutes in a work week?

Let’s do some napkin math… A typical work week is about 8 hours, 5 days a week, totaling 40 hours.  Boom, 2,400 minutes.  And it got us thinking – with all that time, why is it so hard to carve out time to prioritize, think and prepare? So in the spirit of sharing, we thought we’d outline a few productive activities you and your employees might accomplish in 30 minutes to set themselves up for success.

Stay connected. Return or make calls that will only take a minute or two. Schedule an appointment (whether it be professional or personal). Call in a refill. Listen to your messages, or leave a motivational one yourself.  

Prepare. Whether it’s getting ready for a future appointment or looking ahead in your calendar, preparing yourself for what’s coming up in your schedule can get you ahead of the game and set you up for meaningful conversations.

Make a list. Whether it’s on your phone, on a whiteboard or on an actual piece of paper, write down your priorities so that they can remain your top focus throughout the day.

Fix the paper jam.  It’s bound to happen.  It always does.  So be the office hero and spend a few minutes opening and closing that printer lid.

Delete the smartphone/tablet apps you don’t use. Some people say to delete apps (games and social networks) that make you prone to distraction, but this study shows that belonging to at least five social networks can increase your productivity. Free up space on your mobile device by deleting apps that you don’t regularly use (those World Cup apps, for example) and follow interesting accounts (@thinktankengage on twitter and instagram are great ones; #shamelessplug).

Organize your desk and desktop. Your projects take much longer to complete when you’re not organized. Having an orderly desktop and desk will help you think more clearly and prioritize more effectively. It’ll also help you quickly find important documents when you need them. File digital and hard copy documents for easier access and greater efficiency when you need them next.

Get coffee.  Crank up your Keurig or run around the corner to your local coffee shop.  Chances are you might do this more than once during your day, so start adding up your minutes. Use this time to catch up with your mentor or just get outside the office for a change of scenery to spur creative thoughts.

ThinkTank Session. Our sessions are deeply engaging and content rich. While sessions typically last 30 – 60 minutes, you will leave with the outputs of an entire day of work. Accelerating the time it takes to come to decisions and allowing more time for you and your team to execute.