Things Even Great Managers Can Forget

“Autumn… the year’s last, loveliest smile.” – William Cullen Bryant

It’s officially autumn here in Denver, and the crisp air makes our office seem that much cozier! We know that this season means more than pumpkin picking, however for many businesses Quarter 4 has arrived with all its hopes, goals, and worries. We’re sure that you already have a solid plan in place, but we wanted to use this post to remind you of some key preparations that are often neglected:

Recap with your team. A touch-base meeting can do wonders for your team. During the summer, team members often “tag” each other with office updates as everyone vacations at different times and increments. Ensure that everyone gets back on track by outlining the season’s objectives and plans and reiterating any industry updates from over the summer.

Reestablish open communication. The displacement of summer can wreak havoc on the open lines of communications that you worked so hard to put in place. Leaders should meet with their team members individually or in small groups in order to restore everyone’s comfort level with each other. Managers should particularly keep an open line of communication with employees who are parents, as issues like a sick child or a school snow day are unpredictable and require flexibility.

Hear out your team’s ideas. This goes along with the former two steps: when you meet, let your team members have the floor for a bit. What are their hopes for this quarter? What are their worries? What do they think should be done differently? Use this as an opportunity to ignite excitement about the next chapter of the company. Your team will be a lot more willing and happy as a result.

Assign accountability. All the goal-setting in the world will not mean anything for the company unless each department and employee has specific goals they know they need to accomplish. During the recap meeting, divide the season’s workload evenly as a group, and agree to reconvene should any team or individual feel overwhelmed.

Anticipate and address potential logistics issues. Standard market quarter preparations include foreseeing potential industry obstacles. However, many leaders fail to take this a step further and plan closer to home – potential problems that might arise in your own office, with your own team. Not sure where to start? Disruptive weather, sickness, and religious observances are common in the winter, so anticipate that your team will sometimes be one short. Weather considerations are especially important for organizations that rely on shipping, which can be severely delayed, even if the in climate hotspot is just en route.

No matter where this quarter takes you, never lose sight of your team’s progress with ThinkTank. The ThinkTank platform helps your entire team stay communicative and engaged, laying the foundation for a great Q4.

Photo Cred: Dane Rude