Home Screen Confessions: What Your Smartphone Reveals About You

For better or worse,  smartphones have revolutionized human communication. Whether you prefer to make an old-school call or are a texting champ, you can use your smartphone to communicate anytime, anywhere. While the devices are fairly similar (Apple vs. Android) every phone is hyper-personalized to its user. From the case to the organization of apps, you design your device to fit your style and needs (you can even take a scientific approach). We’ve compiled four common home screen habits that could reveal something about you:

Fond of the Folder. Your apps are all organized into folders by category, and your background picture is probably pleasant, but subtle. Bonus points for alphabetizing! You are probably very organized in real life, as well, and strive to work efficiently. Other skills might include good project management, timeliness, and scheduling. Some of your less organized co-workers could probably use some of your guidance, and you probably have a lot of methods that your organization could use to run more effectively. With ThinkTank, you can help your business by making them a reality.

The “Lived-In” Screen. You might figure that there is no point to the trouble of organizing apps into folders when you can just use the search bar to find what you need. While perhaps this thinking is a little bit lazy, it is just another way of effectively getting the job done at work, you tend not to get hung up on the little problems, and your solutions are always unconventional and creative. ThinkTank can help bring your unique critical thinking skills to your organization.

Picture Perfect. You have the perfect pictures for your lock and home screens, and frequently change them to suit your mood. Whether it is a picture of a loved one, a silly animal, or intriguing artwork, your phone screen inspires you and makes you smile. You might be a visual learner and thinker, and therefore do well designing presentations and spreadsheets. You can also fulfill an empathetic need at the office – colleagues might come to you for advice on how to deal with an awkward meeting or difficult new boss. At ThinkTank, we value a positive workplace culture as much as you do, and designed our solutions with creative people like you in mind.


Headphones In, Tuning Out. While it isn’t a home screen, your constantly-plugged-in headphones can reveal something about your working style. You might be an auditory learner and thinker, meaning that you process information best auditorily. This means that you could be great at writing talks and leading meetings. You might also plug your headphones in to get into your own headspace and concentrate when working. This is great if it means more productivity, but could be harmful in that you might miss part of the ongoing team dialogue. Luckily, ThinkTank keeps everyone in the loop. So even if you are powering through a work session, you won’t miss a beat when using ThinkTank.