Keep Everyone on the Same (Web)page.

Even with the everyone in one office, it’s easy for the team to become disconnected and their priorities scattered. Using some unexpected digital tools, your team can stay on the same page without many lengthy and inconvenient meetings.

Set up Google News keyword alerts. It’s simple, and is a great way to keep an eye on your brand (or yourself!) in the online press. Just go to this page and type in some key terms that you want to keep updated on. Encourage everyone at the office to set up Google Alerts for the company name as well as their specialties. Spotting a potential issue in the press early is the best way to steer clear of a full-blown PR disaster. Be sure to set your notification preferences accordingly, as you don’t want to overload your inbox!

Find the one (calendar, that is). Create one digital work calendar to help everyone at the office plan and pace their work. Then, encourage each department and employee to create a personalized view so that each person sees his or her calendar on the level of office-wide, department-wide, and personal.

Plan a weekly touch-base meeting in the shared office calendar. Schedule it at a time that is friendly to most time zones. This way, if an employee is on a business trip out of state (or country!), he or she can still clock into the TB.

Create a shared inspiration/mood board. This creative pursuit can be helpful to businesses in all fields. You can use a spreadsheet or one of these fancier online tools to create a shared mood board. Separate by project and ask team members to add relevant things that they find accompanied by some explanation. Inspiration often comes at inconvenient times, and so this method is great for those moments when you don’t feel like sending an email or creating a new doc. Now, you can just paste in your find to the board.

Send a regular e-newsletter to everyone on the team. This is a great project for office managers, who stay up-to-date on news in different departments. The newsletter can be simple and fun, and feature whatever content would be most helpful to your team. Ideas include a Letter from the President, Employee Spotlight, Local News, and Event Listings.