Meetless Mondays

The sky is blue, the sun is shining and someone brought in the good bagels (with real lox).  

Welcome to Monday.  The start of a new work week.  Correction.  The start of a GREAT work week.  Why do we love Mondays when the other working stiffs on 17th street are dragging?  Aside from the obvious (ThinkTank is an awesome place to work), our Mondays are 100% meet-less.  No 9am staff meetings, status calls or productivity reports.  Instead, we celebrate “Creative Mondays,” with greater focus on collaboration and idea sharing.  

We’re certain we’re not the only ones shifting our approach and focusing on our corporate culture to inspire a more creative work environment.

After all, committing to an intentional culture that’s open, transparent, and enables employees to thrive is important for retaining top performers and for a company’s overall growth.

Encourage Passion Projects

Google for example, is well known for its major office perks like free healthy and gourmet meals, laundry and fitness facilities, generous paid parental leave, and on-site childcare. Those are awesome of course, but they also offer employees the flexibility to work on passion projects to tap into their creativity and foster innovation. Google also encourages its employees to become teachers and coach one another to help build a more creative, satisfied, and intimate community of employees.

Demonstrate Appreciation

People want to feel valued and cared for.  Demonstrating appreciation – for contributions big and small – should be part of any corporate culture seeking innovation and engagement.  For example, DHL Express has an incredible culture of thanking employees, whether that’s through monetary rewards, honoring top performers at its annual Hollywood-style black-tie event or pinning notes of appreciation on the company corkboard.

Support Career Path Development

Mentoring is a big priority at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Its formal mentoring program helps employees develop professional goals, connect with colleagues and drive a thriving culture. This commitment to growth at all levels – not just senior leaders – shows employees there’s a future for them.

Spread the Happiness

Having fun makes employees more productive, more engaged, less likely to leave their jobs, and just plain happier.  Indeed, 77% of millennials said culture is just as or more important to them than salary and benefits, according to a report last year by Virgin Pulse.  More to the point, 30% of millennials surveyed by Aon Hewitt said they’d like to see their office atmosphere become more “fun.” At ThinkTank, we define that by hosting daily nerf gun fights, ping pong tournaments and foosball in the break room.  

Lead by Example

An employee at MathWorks, rated #16 on Glass Door’s “The 50 best places to work in 2017,” said it best: “Just an amazing place full of smart and passionate people that want to do the right thing. Very positive and constructive culture. Management team truly lead by the values they preach.”

Photo Cred: Dane Rude