What Type of Modern Leader do You Work for?

Effective leadership in the 21st century relies most often on one principle: engagement. Just take a look at Forbes’ list of Greatest Leaders and you will notice that all of them commit to meaningful dialogue with people in their inner circles and beyond. These leaders know that success in a globalized world relies on the talents of many, and thus they strive to realize the potential of both themselves and those around them.

However, not all leaders are perfect. From our experience, we’ve narrowed down the four most common types of modern leaders. Which one best describes your boss?

The Micromanager. It’s not that this manager doesn’t trust their team’s work ethic, it’s that they know believe that they can do it better. Attention to detail is necessary, but this leader takes it too far. Rather than engaging with employees, the micromanager dismisses team members’ ideas and instead strictly implements their own methods. The team becomes disheartened and frustrated from the constant supervision and rework, while their manager becomes exhausted from trying to do everyone’s job. We love the Harvard Business Review’s article on self-diagnosing and solving micromanaging habits before it’s too late. 

The Rookie. This leader has just risen to a managing position, or at least acts like it. Their insecurity is as obvious as their up talk (i.e.  “I’ll need you to complete this by the end of the day” when it’s already 4:30PM on a Friday”), and they seem to create more obstacles than networks in team communication. Most often, the rookie genuinely tries their best, but fumbles around taking responsibility for and engaging with their employees.

The Ghost. This leader seems like a dream boss – trusting, easy-going, and frequently absent (either physically or mentally). Deadlines are loose, if they exist at all, and the pressure is almost none when the ghost is simply “there in spirit.” The downfall of this leader is the easy access to technology – whether browsing Facebook at the office or promising to work from home for the day. The dream boss can quickly turn into a nightmare when other leaders begin questioning the lack of progress and direction from the department. 

Ms./Mr. Right. This leader is effective, ambitious, dedicated, and compassionate. They set high standards for themselves and their employees, and take responsibility for their team’s successes and failures. They value the ideas and potential of each employee and create a positive working environment of understanding.  Most of all, they engage their team in a consistent conversation centered around everyone’s progress and vision.

Could you be Ms./Mr. Right? The best leaders know that they can’t go at it alone. They rely on their team’s ideas and talents, often using a platform like ThinkTank to streamline the process. Try ThinkTank today and become the best leader for today and the future.

Photo Cred: Dane Rude