Making it Happen

So, how Does ThinkTank Make it all Happen?

Introducing ThinkTank ThinkSpaces

The digital forum where alignment, co-creation and project execution takes place.

  • Multi-party, multi-enterprise engagement of teams and stakeholders
  • Real-time or asynchronous engagement
  • Controllable anonymity to democratize ideation and decision making
  • Shared ownership & accountability that creates impassioned ‘startup nimble’ teams

Smart Solution Templates

Best practice paths and automated world-leading methodologies for rapid and repeatable execution.

  • ThinkTank or 3rd Party expert generated
  • Create recipes for repeatable & iterative projects
  • Motivate and get more utilization out of less skilled resources
  • Simplify knowledge transfer

Session Direction

Activity management for Planning and running all the workshops, sessions and follow-ups.

  • Plan the timeline of the entire engagement
  • Pull from smart expert templates for agendas, ice-breakers, approach and more.
  • On-the-fly adaptability and adjust and reorder with progress and insights
  • Identify conflicting project goals and facilitate total stakeholder alignment

Methods & Tools

Productivity & collaboration tools for interaction, ideation and decision making.

  • Interactive presentations
  • Crowdsourcing & ideation
  • Assessment, ranking & voting
  • Knowledge & file sharing
  • Reporting & analytics

The Collective Memory

Digital Record of all ThinkSpace sessions; preserved for insights, intelligence and smarter future project execution.

  • Records every step, contribution, decision or outcome
  • Shareable, referenceable and data-mineable
  • Conduct insightful project retrospectives
  • Leverage data for continuous improvement

Download the ThinkTank product brief for more information.

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