The Rise of the Remote Workforce

Today’s technology has many of us wondering… how did we work 10, 15, even 30 years ago?  

With our phones, laptops, and wifi hotspots we can work anytime from anywhere. Here are some trends that we have found helpful in navigating the rise of the teleworker:

Companies centered around flexible careers have received millions in capital. Companies like WeWork,, and Remote Year stand out as some of the leaders of this growing trend. WeWork offers professional co-working spaces to freelancers and employees sans office. It is a great resource for those who want to work on their own time, yet keep the physical separation between their work and living spaces. is a job search site that matches professionals who wish to work remotely with organizations with remote positions open. The site serves 2 million remote workers and that number is only growing. Remote Year is a program that takes remote workers on the trip of a lifetime – one year around the world, with a new destination each month. Employees can work and explore at once, thus applying their new global knowledge to their assignments almost immediately. We predict that there will be even more “digital nomads” in the next few years.

Organizations can save big on operating costs. How big? American Express has cut between $10-$15 million in real estate costs annually with their BlueWork Program, which pairs workers with their preferred working lifestyle. When you eliminate some of your overhead costs, your budget can accommodate for more benefits for your team. Perhaps you can hire a speaker for a “lunch and learn” session with your team, or offer more paid time off.

It is more common than you think. 43% of Americans in the workforce work remotely for at least some aspect of their job, with 31% of them working remotely at least 80% of the time. While many organizations fear that the team will become disconnected and less productive, ThinkTank can help. ThinkTank keeps all of your employees engaged, making it the one destination for your team members, wherever they might be in the world.

Photo Cred: Dane Rude