ThinkTank Quiz: Which Tech Mogul Are You?

“I have to lead according to my personality, according to what I think is necessary under any set of circumstances.”

– Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett-Packard


Elon Musk. Mark Zuckerberg. Sheryl Sandberg. Love them or hate them, these tech moguls are changing the world through everyday technology. And while we might not be quite at their level (though we could all think of some great ways to spend a billion dollars), we can emulate their winning moves and learn from their mistakes. Take this fun quiz to discover your new tech role model and leadership style:

The team is having their weekly touch-base meeting, and you are always seen:

  1. Quickly typing up everything’s that said.
  2. Asking good questions that point to a plan everyone can agree on.
  3. Joking around a bit.
  4. Reminding everyone of the company’s long-term goals.

You offer to help a confused coworker on a project. You:

  1. Ask them what exactly they need help on, then work on it quietly by yourself.
  2. Propose a group brainstorming session to solve the problem.
  3. Remind them to relax and ask how you can ease some of their stress.
  4. Evaluate how the project is helpful to the company’s quarter goals

ThinkTank wants to include you on our hit blog. You offer to:

  1. Write an article on industry trends.
  2. Interview several colleagues for a thought leadership post.
  3. Film a vlog on GDPR.
  4. Write an employee profile of one of our team member’s hobbies and interests.

You’re having a lunch date with your favorite tech mogul! You begin with:

  1. Direct questions about tech trends. Neither of you have time for small talk.
  2. Asking them questions about their career history and new ventures.
  3. Getting a read on their mood through light-hearted questions.
  4. Pitching your big ideas and career goals.


Mostly As: Mark Zuckerberg

You are confident in your game-changing ideas, and usually prefer to work alone or in a small group, rather than with a big team. People might mistake your quietness for rudeness, so it’s worth the effort to make friendly small talk before retreating to your cozy cubicle.

Mostly Bs: Marissa Mayer

You value transparency and teamwork above all else, and have a talent for keeping sinking ships afloat. It’s frustrating when you can’t make everyone happy, but it’s worth trusting your gut when it comes to incorporating others’ ideas.

Mostly Cs: Steve Jobs

In a sea of intense engineers and coders, you emerge as a social butterfly that can effectively communicate your organization’s message. Your intensity usually comes out when working with the team, so it’s important to let others have some speaking room, too.

Mostly D’s: Sheryl Sandberg

In a tech industry that’s always focused on the “next best thing,” you’re focused on the next best decade. Your long-term planning is an asset to teams that are quick to follow the trends, but it’s important to remember to stay detail-oriented, as well.


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