It’s Time for a Real Conversation

Ok, it’s hard.  The first sentence of the first paragraph of a brand-new blog on a brand new, updated website is hard.  What to say?  How to start?  We needed ideas.  So, we googled ‘first sentence of a new blog’ and here’s what we found.

The first sentence is a big one.  It’s the hook.  The one that pulls them in with a smile and a nod.  The one that promises action, fun or shock – and sometimes all three.  The good ones challenge conventional wisdom, evoke an emotion or quickly get the reader’s imagination running wild.  And the best ones?  Well, those truly hook that mind-wandering visitor and get them to read the whole damn article.

So, though our first sentence perhaps didn’t do all those things, hopefully you’ve gotten this far, because we want to start a conversation.  A conversation of thought provoking questions and ideas, and a forum where we might just challenge some norms and shake things up a bit.[1]  We’ll offer topics as diverse as the benefits of the Quiet Revolution, the real scoop on the relevance of ‘machine learning’ and Denver’s best places for craft beer (we’re talking to you, Freshcraft).

Fortunately, we have an office full of smart, witty and talented people who have the gumption (that’s a great word btw. It should be used more often.) to Care and Dare.  They’ve got opinions and aren’t afraid to share them.

So, hang on tight.  It’s going to be a fun ride.