The Truth Is Out There: Can You Hear It?

Truth & Trust: Two key elements that leaders have historically underestimated as enemies of project success. It's time for a new approach.

Despite the massive transformation that digital technology has brought to our world, leadership and culture remain stuck in the industrial era. Organizations are as slow, hierarchical and political as ever.

Worse, the bulk of our people – our biggest asset and biggest investment – aren’t engaged. Brought in to nod heads and agree, they watch slide after slide in numbed silence.

Most do their best to follow along, but soon the usual voices dominate. Others check out. And for some, frustrated they weren’t heard, wander off to plot against the plan.

Ideas stay silent. The risk stays unmentioned. Inspiration is muted. The breakthrough stays hidden. The game-changer never happens. Better things aren’t made. The mediocre wins. Then gets done poorly. The culture stays sick.

Why? Because more than likely the same process was in play. Your stakeholders weren’t 100% onboard and your teams were 100% disengaged. No buy-in, no alignment, no ownership and zero value.

And everybody loses.

Enough is Enough.

It’s time for something new.

Something just a little disruptive. For everyone’s sake. Let’s unleash the power of digital to create a new era of work. An era where we include all voices. Remove the politics. Share what we know. Expose the risks. Change the game. Inspire action. Free each person to contribute their absolute best, and then discover the amazing outcome together. Because there is no better feeling than being truly part of something collaborative and meaningful.

This is what it’s like to be engaged. To revel in our collective best. And it’s what ThinkTank is most passionate about – helping leaders inspire the extraordinary in all of us.

Collective Intelligence technology can help you create a culture of openness, and transform your ability to execute strategic initiatives.

Because Together is Amazing.