Why We Love Remote Workforce Productivity

“Yours truly has never worked out of an office, and never will.” – Richard Branson, founder of Virgin.


From virtual assistants to conference calls, the tools for conducting business on-the-go have been a hit for the past 20 years and are only getting better. Contracts, project management, and meetings can be handled anywhere from a mobile device, and webinars make distance learning a breeze. In fact, by 2020, human capital managers predict that 50% of the workforce will be remote. So settle into your coffee shop and read ahead for some tips on utilizing the strongest remote workforce yet.


On the Way: Have you ever sent a text to your boss from a restaurant? What about hopping on an early morning call during your commute? If so, you’ve already worked remotely on a small scale. If it’s right for your organization, host a leadership discussion on making working hours and locations more flexible for employees. You may just find that the team is more productive and relaxed when given control over their working style.


H.Q. times 2: Ever dream of having a second office in another city, state, or country? A remote team member may be the perfect place (and person!) to start. A remote employee can act as an extension of your organization’s mission and culture, as well as leverage the resources of another locale. It’s important to get your accounting team on board, however, as tax laws surrounding employment vary by region.


Go Global: Echoing our last point, we believe that distance working tools can be used to go global. Enable your employees to travel the world while still getting their work done, and watch your organization’s breadth expand. Team members rarely fail to take advantage of the freedom to work from anywhere from safaris to conferences to just lounging at a new beach. And if you believe that the company is in its people, as we at ThinkTank do, then you know that wherever they go, your mission goes, too.


All in the Cloud: One of the keys to successful communication with remote workforce? The Cloud. Integration of basic Cloud tools into everyday business practices, such as utilizing the Google Cloud suite, streamlines distance collaboration. Work with a team like ThinkTank to get your Cloud program off the ground and into the hands of the team.


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